Friday, September 4, 2009

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Ahhhh.... yet another installment in the Resident Evil franchise. This time it's Resident Evil: Afterlife. Our collective sigh registers on the Richter Scale, yet we're still excited to see what happens next!
We likey the sci-fi action, so we're in. Milla Jovovich is back as Alice for some supreme female action-hero ass kicking.

The film kicks off right where Resident Evil: Extintion left us in Japan. We're sure the plot will include zombie fights, virus and bio-hazard science, and a whole lotta revealing outfits from the Jovster.
We have to wonder what's next for this series... Resident Evil: The After-afterlife, Resident Evil: Just When You Think it's Over, It's not, Resident Evil: Long Legs + Zombies + Guns = $$$...

Get your zombie fix August 27, 2010.

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