Monday, September 14, 2009

Barry Manilow Makes a Musical!

Although you might have a larf over this one, give it a chance!

Popwatch is calling it "a Love Actually-style film that simply involves the intersecting storylines of Fanilows descending on Vegas to see Barry headline Mandalay Bay. Manilow’s music would be throughout the film; he would appear onscreen to perform a song or two."

The project has no name yet, and no release date has been set, but all we know is that Tom Hanks' production company, partnering with R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe, will be producing the film. Weird, but ok! Them's two dudes who know music! How could we forget Hank's 1996 film That Thing You Do! Brilliiiiaaannt.

The movie won't feature characters breaking into song. It ain't that kinda musical... although we looove that corny crap.

This film is apparently somewhat of a big deal, since Manilow doesn't release his songs easily. But of course he didn't just let them use the catalogue of music, he had to be featured in the movie. Smart business move, Barry. Very wise.

We obviously know some of his music (who doesn't) but we might just turn into fanilows if this movie is done right. With the right people behind it, and in it, it could be a huge success, a la Mamma Mia. Come on... he DOES write the songs. Haha get it?

All we gotta say is there better be a crazed fan named Mandy who goes on a holy mission to see Barry in Vegas because she hears secret messages to her in his songs. There. We just wrote the plot. Done. Cheque please.

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