Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Exceptional Escape: Independence Day

Granted, everyone doesn't quite escape this giant fireball, but some do. Go Vivica Fox! What a heroine. AND she saves a dog in the process. Love her!


JRL said...

I was cheering for the guy still doing paper work. So close to making it! Oh well, maybe he'll be more prepared for the next city wide fire...oh wait. Well at least some people survived, you know, the ones who weren't standing on the roof of a building while multiple Alien spaceship hover over key structures in key cities around the world. Clearly a strategic formation of peace! Classic Destruction scene!

Sassy Scribbles said...

oh wow, this movie brings me memories! I was just starting College and this is one of the first films I watched without a family along! ^^ ...it's also the eve of computer graphics on films that's truly good and has set the standards for others to do better!!! 'Still one of the best films I love! Thanks for sharing this!

Angie said...

Sassy: One of our favies too! The effects were groundbreaking... and who doesn't love Will Smith in a military uniform?