Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sweet Valley High Movie!

So the rumour mill is a-turnin', and it's sayin' Diablo Cody will be writing the script for a Sweet Valley High movie!

Oh geez... Jennifer's Body didn't perform all that well, and we're still confused about Cody's style. Juno was one of a kind, then Jennifer's Body, now Sweet Valley High? What are you going for, lady? We can't figure you out! Except that she loooves writing about high school kids!

We still ain't sure if she'll be starting a franchise of films, or just compiling the best story lines into one... but if we know Hollywood at all (and we dooooo!) then they'll milk it for all it's worth and make several movies out of it.

No word yet on who will play the twins. We're wondering if they'll find actual twins, or take some starlet and make her play two roles. Hmmm... who would YOU cast?

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