Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Expendables... the fakers?

Rumours have started that Stallone's new action packed testosterone driven man-film, The Expendables, is merely a viral marketing campaign for... god knows what. Trailers have surfaced (and then were pulled from the net) and speculation, and common knowledge, says these are fakaroos.

I guess these actors all needed a career boost, so by banding together and pretending to make a big budget action flick they've... um.... looked even more like idiots!

We hope for their sake this is an actual film. And we can't wait to see this trailer that's causing all the fuss! Apparently it's just an amalgamation of action movie stereotypes, muscles, and bad dialogue. Hmmm...

Oh and if you're gonna youtube it, beware of the fan-made crappola.

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