Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Poll Results! Your Favaroo Judd Apatow Film!

Well, Cin-Obs, you don't even KNOW how hard it was for us not to vote on our own poll, like pathetic losers. Cuz we would have voted for everything.

Although Step Brothers was one of the best comedies we've seen in years (in our humble obsession) of course we've loved every itty bitty thing that Judd Apatow has put on his resumé.

But the winner is.... SUPERBAD! Y'all loved Michael Cera and Jonah Hill enough to rocket them to the top of the poll! Ok that's dramatic, but whatever. Superbad is your faves!

To honour this hilarious coming-of-age-teen-sex comedy, we give you Superbad.. if it were a cartoon.

Cast your votes on the next poll... beginning.... NOW!!!

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