Thursday, October 1, 2009

Robocop Remake!

Metro Goldwyn Mayer is officially making a new Robocop movie! The release is anticipated for 2011, and almost no details are available yet.

But that makes for some good ol' fashion guessing! Who would you like to see play the Robo-badass?

We could go a few directions with this. The role could go to some young meathead like Channing Tatum, or Kellan Lutz... but they could also go the older route with someone like Viggo Mortensen or Daniel Craig. Ohh ohh or a lady cop! Booyeah!

What do you think?


mysterg said...

Surely Keanu was born to play this role?

JRL said...

Ha! Love it!
I'm sorry ladies, i can no longer see any one else in this role.
I'm sold on Keanu.

To you mysterg, i tip my hat to you.

Chantale said...

Oh yeah we're sold on Keanu too. Great suggestion Mysterg. Bang on!