Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Moon Deliciousness!

New Moon posters! More of 'em! EEEK! Everyone's lookin' so great!

We're mighty-excitey for November 20th to see this one! Yeah yeah, go ahead and judge us for being 20-something twihards. Big whoop. Try to remember though... we're hardcore about every movie that comes out... so suck on THAT!

Ahem, sorry. We get defensive about Twilight.


HayleyLauren said...

I also have these new posters up on my blog! I love the Jacob Black and werewolves one! Ace!

Karen Kaye said...

Try being a *40-something* Twihard. The actors are all old (young?) enough to be my *children*. Ask me if I care. LOL!