Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BEEEEE ITALIAN! Poster and Featurette for Rob Marshall's NINE!

Here it is folks! One of the promotional posters for the upcoming musical NINE. Can't wait for this one! Singin' and dancin' and sparkly outfits... how could you go wrong? Plus Daniel Day Lewis, and he pretty much doesn't make bad movies... like ever.

With all the huge stars in this film, I can't believe they only selected three for the poster! I'm betting there's other versions of this out there with the other folks on it... there's gotta be one with plastic-face Nicole Kidman. Cuz I mean, people still like her... right?

Now check out some rehearsal footage, mixed with the final product. This just might be another Chicago for us... meaning watched over and over and over and over with the soundtrack on constant repeat in the car, mixed with fantasies of permorning every musical number, with the occassional private dance routine in my bedroom in fishnets.

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