Friday, December 4, 2009

The Back-Up Plan has a poster

Very interesting indeed. Not only is the poster for The Back-Up Plan extremely boring in every sense of the word, but J-Lo's hair is freaking me out. Not only is it defying gravity here, but it just looks weeeiiirrd.

You think they could have put something even remotely relevant to the movie's premise on the poster.. but nooo... Marketing geniuses at work here, folks.

Again, as I told you awhile back, this movie has been done before... girl has baby out of wedlock. Somehow this less than hilarious concept has spawned two good movies, Knocked Up and Baby Mama, but this is kinda overkill. AAANNND there are MORE movies coming about artificial insemination.

Oh Hollywood... just when I think I understand you, you go and throw me a curveball like this...

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