Friday, December 18, 2009

Date Night anyone?

We're lovin' the new promotional poster for Date Night!

Steve Carell + Tina Fey + romantic comedy = We love it already... huh? I'm not very good at math, but there ya go. It's gonna be good. C'mon. You guys agree right? Are we all in this together?

If you're all game, let's make our own date night April 9, 2010. It'll be filled with giggles, popcorn and shenanigans! Who's in?


Wilde.Dash said...

The thing i love about this pairing the most is that they're supposedly already signed on for a second, totally different movie. Fan-fricken-tastic. I hope they're as good together as i think they will be...



JRL said...

I'm in!

Just remind me after the holidays, so i can mark it on my 2010 calender that i'm bound to get for christmas!

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