Monday, January 25, 2010

Poll Results! You are MOST excited about...

...Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND! You might remember we did this poll a few months ago, and the result was the same! You dudes are just as jazzed as we are about this remake! Oooh I get tingly just thinking about Tim Burton projects. Oh and in 3D no less!

I have a mental image of Chanty and me sitting in the theatre, waiting for this baby to begin.

Angie: Uhh... Chanty... I had a little accident.

Chanty: Did you spill your root beer?

Angie: No.

Chanty: *sniff sniff, look of horror on face* You didn't...

Angie: I pooped.

Chanty: *expletive deleted*

Angie: I was just too excited. My bowels let go.

Chanty: Well good thing you wore your Depends, because we're not getting up for anything.

Other movie patrons: *Sniff sniff... angry grumbles... gagging sounds*

(Sorry if my poop jokes offend you. Deal with it.)

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The Masked Critic said...

Anyone else thing that Johnny Deep as the Mad Hatter looks Alot like Elijah Wood?

Angie said...

You're not the only one! Check it out: