Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Repo Men Trailer!

Oooooh this one looks like a goody! Repo Men, coming April 2nd 2010, is about a corporation that sells artificial body organs to needy patients... patients so ill and desperate they'll sign any payment plan put in front of them. Even though they can't afford the payments.

So Jude "receding hairline" Law and Forest "what's with my eye" Whitaker are the Repo Men, chasing down the deadbeat clients and taking back the unpaid merchandise. Why am I telling you this? I told you a long time ago all about this movie... remember? Although I told you at the time that it was about someone who was running from having his heart reposessed. After seeing the trailer, I now realize it's Jude, our main character, and a repo man.

This concept is tried and true... the hunter becomes the hunted. IE Logan's Run (1976), Minority Report (2002) and the upcoming Salt with Angelina Jolie. Regardless, we enjoy the different ways movies have presented us with this storyline. Duh. We like everything.

Fun tid-bit - filming was done in the Toronto area! Hooray for all things Canadian!

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Karen Kaye said...

This is exactly Repo The Genetic Opera except without the cool rock songs or Anthony Stewart Head (swoon). I love Jude but I'm withholding judgement...