Thursday, January 14, 2010

So Many Woes for Spidey Four

If you haven't already heard, since all the entertainment news outlets are buzzin' about it, the fourth installment of the Spiderman franchise is a big ol' mess.

Reports are now saying that disputes between director Sam Raimi and the studio have caused production of the film to come to a complete halt. Apparently, nobody could agree on anything for this project! Nobody was happy with the script, the actors heads were inflating and wanting more money/screen time, mixed with budget issues, and Tobey Maguire insisting his spidey-suit be more spandexy. Just kidding.

Apparently everything that had been accomplished has been completely scrapped, and it's back to the drawing board for the whole thing.

Personally, I think maybe it's best they stop making these movies entirely. As much as I loved 1, 2, and 3, I think that's enough. Studios these days will milk a concept dry, and once you surpass a trilogy, you're just getting greedy... plus the stories are never as good, and they usually leave audiences going "Ohh, don't go there."

I mean SURE, there are tons of Spidey villains you could incorporate into future plot-lines, but do we really need to see ALL of them? And besides the good vs evil predictable stories, what else can be in store for Spidey/Parker? Come on filmmakers, why don't you throw in a pregnant Mary-Jane, kidnapped by a baddie, hung from a cliff's edge during a hurricaine? THEN the baby pops out and guess what? He's ALSO a mutated superhero who saves the day!

I should be working in Hollywood.


Jonathan said...

I actually read somewhere this week (I think Yahoo!) that Tobi will not be coming back for the 4th installment. Also, they will be going back to high school and use brand new actors. Similar to what Smallville did with the Superman saga.

I personally think more than 3 movies is a bit much. Trilogies are the extent people will go for it as far as movies go. TV shows are better to have a long running list of script ideas to build on.

But that's just me... :)

Angie said...

Oh god, in that case, I'm so OUT of this franchise. New actors? Prequels? GAG!!! Filmmakers should know when to let things die.

The Masked Critic said...

I think Sam Raimi should get an award for actually sticking to his guns and realizing that the studio wanted to make a garbage movie and not wanting to put his name to garbage.

He gave up a big pay (I'm assuming) because he didn't want to make junk.

Give him a Cini! (My equivilant to the Grammies)