Monday, January 18, 2010

The Tree of Life

Ok Terrence Malick. Where is it?! We were supposed to have The Tree of Life in December of 2009!

Sean Penn and Brad Pitt will star in this 1950's drama slash fantasy about youth, life, enlightenment and love. And that's about as much as I can give ya plotwise cause this one's gonna be a 'lil out there!

Writer/director Malick is giving us this new movie about the fountain of youth - a theme which is becoming popular in Hollywood. Apparently Pitt wanted to star in The Fountain (2006), but didn't make the cut. Now Brad gets his chance. How appropriate since his face hasn't changed since... well... EVER!

Botox? Ok Brad. Where is the Fountain of Youth?
Tell us or we'll blowtorch your perfect 10 hair and abs the next time we see you.

The choice is yours...

We're hoping The Tree of Life will give us something different than The Fountain did. Although we enjoyed it, we're hungry for originality! C'mon Malick - Give us some really cool visuals to go with your story of family, love, eternal youth and finding true beauty in all things.
We're so in. Any movie that entices us to yell 'Siempre Viva!! Live Forever!!' is a winner in our books.
*5 000 000 000 000 bonus points to anyone who can tell us where that line is from!*


The Masked Critic said...

Death Becomes Her.

Send my bonus points to all st. Brockville, Ontario.

Hand delivered?! With love?

Angie said... Disclaimer:

Points may only be redeemed from the 2nd to the 6th of the month, only on leap years, when Jupiter is in the house of Aquarius, and only when this falls in the Chinese year of the Ox.

Silly legalities...

The Masked Critic said...

Missed it by 1 day!

Peter Eramo said...

I'm excited for this one to finally come out too! Not much to be read on it online. I included it in my Top 10 Movies to Look forward to for the 2nd Half of 2010...should be a great one!