Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gremlins 3... in 3D!

You might have already heard by now, but a third installment of the Gremlins franchise is in the works!

No cast details yet, in fact hardly any details at all, but the script is being written!

But there are some important issues that must be discussed. How do you guys feel about this classic getting another installment after so many years? Maybe it should remain untouched?

All I know, what I feel in my Gremlin heart of hearts, is that if they go CGI for the creatures, I'm OUT. The charm and cuteness came entirely from the puppet aspect, so let's hope they keep it that way. But the concept of doing it in 3D makes me believe puppets are out the window.

So what possible plot would capture your attention? Here's my pitch: After the gremlin wedding from the end of the 2nd film, they go into hiding, hibernating if you will, and waiting for some special eclipse that will allow them to come out and wreak havoc again. We're many years in the future now so Billy (our protagonist) is an old old senile man, telling his grandkids about the furry hellraisers from his youth (this way we can introduce new actors). Here comes the eclipse, grandpa was right, a new "good" Gremlin, shenanigans, big climactic fight scene, etc.

I'll take my money in cash please, Hollywood.

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