Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kevin Smith's A Couple of Dicks Becomes Cop-Out Because Studio is scared of the word DICK

Dick dick dick. There. I said it. TAKE THAT, STUDIOS!

Kevin Smith's project A Couple of Dicks, has been renamed due to controversy. They already flip-flopped between A Couple of Dicks and A Couple of Cops, but negative reactions caused them to revert back to Dicks. But some conservative big-wig had the final word before promotions began and they went with Cop Out. Psshhh whatever. Smith is no stranger to scandal due to his potty mouth.

Smith is breaking new ground with this movie - it's his first time directing a film, but not writing it. We LoOoOoVE Smith's dialogue, so we're gonna miss it, but we have faith that he wouldn't attach himself to a project that wasn't special in some way. Plus... BRUCE WILLIS COMEDY! Yay! We always enjoy his "lighter" roles. Admittedly we're not huge fans of Tracy Morgan and we don't reeaaaally understand the hype about his comedy (actually we find him mildly annoying. 30 Rock fans, don't hate!)

Anyway, who doesn' t love a good buddy cop flick? We're hopin' Willis and Morgan have good chemistry on-screen. Plus Stiffler, I mean Seann William Scott, has quite a substantial role. No doubt his character will be crude, sex-crazed and give us lots of penis jokes, but that's ok. Makes up for the title change.

Rock out with your glock out, February 26th.

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