Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sin City 2 & 3?!

Exqueeeeeze me??!

There might be a 2nd and 3rd installment of Sin City?! We're so in! In fact, we're so in we decided to put together a very special teaser poster for you Cin-Obs.

Now, try not to crap yourselves with joy, excitement, glee, whatever emotion you're feeling right now...

We really don't like guns or real-life violence, but you gotta admit... we look so BADASS! We're so intimidating with those big guns, trench coats, and gorgeous smiling faces.

So possible plotlines? Anyone? We're guessing we might just get a bunch more intersecting stories from the characters that survived the first film. There weren't many survivors, but hey, just give us some NEW heroes and baddies.

I really wish the creepy Elijah Wood character had survived, because I'd looove to see him again. I suggest they bring back his canabalistic brother to seek revenge on his mutilated bro. And eat some folks along the way. Does it mean I'm sick that this was my favourite part of the movie? Whatever. Nom nom nom, eat up Elijah! I heart your creepiness.

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