Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Big Year

Sometimes we see a cast and get so giddy and excited we stutter and gag on our own words.

Chantale: Ang! There's this mov...oh man... Jack Bla....Steve freaking Martin....Owen...birds...GAG...

Angie: You need to chill out. Breathe. Stop gagging. Now tell me again.

So here's the dealio. Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Steve Martin all play hardcore bird watchers. Wait. I didn't mean to imply they're into watching birds get it on. They're not watchers of hardcore birds. They're hardcore bird watchers. The order of words is very important here.

So the hardcore birdwatchers gear up for a very distinguished annual birdwatching contest. Competitiveness + 3 brilliant comedians + probable Shena-na-na's = A surefire gem we're mighty excitey to see!

Get your binoculars ready for 2011. We'll keep you posted!

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