Monday, March 15, 2010

Dazzling Dance: Pride and Prejudice

Ahhh nothing like a romantic, white-folks dance. Gawwwdd sometimes I think we have the most boring culture. I mean, we're not British, but as white peeps, we're soooo lacking in the rhythm department.

Check out the highest of high society here in Pride and Prejudice (1995).

Dancing should be described like this:

Spin and step and jump, twirl, high kick, twist and shake it, shake it, BAM!!!

Not like this:

Walk four steps, take lady's hand, slight bow, and walk some more, and slow turn, walk walk walk, duck under some arms, walk down the centre, aaaannnd bow.



Rachel said...

There's also the near impossibility of attempting to carry on a conversation during all the slow turning and underarm ducking.

Great post!

Angie said...

Thanks Rachel!

Although this dancing is so slow, they definitely could chat without getting out of breath! LOL!