Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon, the trailer!

A while ago we told you about the new cutesy animated film How to Train Your Dragon, starring the voice talent of my poopsie-woopsie Jay Baruchel (yeah that's right Chanty, I got dibs.. you'll have to fight me for him).

Well now we have a trailer, and it looks like it's gonna be an awww-fest!

This family-friendly flick centres on Hiccup (awww) the wimpy viking who badly wants to be a hero in the village. When he finally encounters his first dragon, Toothless (awww), he decides murdering it isn't the way to go. Instead he realizes their true nature and starts a REVOLUTION! Yes! We're always fans of the little guy with the big heart who challenges the status-quo.

It reminds me of my life... people were like "No you can't have a movie blog. Now sit down and shut up!" And I was all "YES. I. CAAAANN!!!" It should be a movie, for realz.

The dragon is so freaking adorable that I almost awwwwwd myself to death watching this new trailer. LOVE IT!

1:30 - 1:51 for the awww that made me pop a vein in my forehead it was so intense.

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