Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PREDATORS! (It's plural this time!)

Ahhh... how I love unnecessary sequels. But really, in this case, I'm razzamajazzed for it. Special effects are definitely at a point where they can make this a kick-arse movie!

I Watch Stuff is reporting on the new film, so I did some research. I'm professional like that.

Wow, look at that blade. It's like I can hear it going SCCCHHIIIINGG!!!

If you guys remember the ending of Alien VS Predator (2004) you were probably expecting this one. I know I was!

Set to be released this summer, Predators (yes, with an S!) is about nine humans,"Predators" of sorts, who are kidnapped and taken to an alien world which is used by the Predators as a game reserve. Now they must all fight to survive while they are hunted by a new breed of alien hunters know as Predators. (Wikipedia)

Ooooh these mother-effers are making their hunt into a game. Love it!

Robert Rodriguez is at the helm of this project, and he apparently wrote the script in 1994. It was recently pulled out of the ideas junk-drawer, dusted off, and put into production!

Some notable members of the cast will include Topher "I got a job" Grace, Lawrence "I'll always be Morpheus no matter what I do" Fishburne, and Adrien "nose and a half " Brody.

As much as I tease, I think it's gonna be great! I expected this to be 3D but I haven't seen any reports of that yet. They'd be stupid not to! Listen to me Hollywood, I totally know everything about your business.


Jonathan said...

Woa! I'm ubber excited about this one!!! I own the first Predator, haven't found #2 yet, and the Alien vs Predator and Requiem!!! I'm a hardcore fan of the predator aliens...Bring'em on baby!!!!

JRL said...

Two Words - SA WEEET!