Friday, April 23, 2010

50 Cent's New Movie Full of Guns - Nobody Surprised

*Angie takes a deep deep deep breath in*


Really, Fiddy? REALLY? A movie called GUN? Are you serious? Siiighh...

Well, assuming this is for real, I must say I will NEVER understand the desire to WANT to be construed as a criminal/gangster/lowlife/gun-toting asshole. But 50 Cent, sorry - Curtis Jackson, is the master of this artform. He just can't let this gangbangin' crap go. Ok Fifty - we get it. You're hardcore, you're not to be messed with, you came from the hood, etc etc. Now let it go.

It sounds like I'm joking here, but the truth is this: getting shot a bunch of times doesn't leave you feeling all warm and tender (except for the blood loss and wounds) - it leaves you with serious psychological damage and post-traumatic stress disorder, a terrible affliction in which you have high anxiety and generally can't stop mentally re-living the traumatic event. Case and point. 50 Cent's new movie, appropriately called Gun.

A drama set in the world of drug dealing. [IMDB]

Wow, thanks for that profound analysis, IMDB. I could have deduced the nature of the plot from the poster alone.

Also starring Val Kilmer. Uhhhh ok. And AnnaLynne McCord. Sure why not. Also John Larroquette. Pardon? Yeah, cuz I've always thought of him as part of the thug life movement.

Coming in 2011, if anyone cares.


Jonathan said...

This movie looks awful! First of all, it says "GUN" - 1 GUN!! He's got two guns in his hands. That right there is a great indication how crappy a movie will be!! LOL

MovieDrew said...

Yeah, even the tagline says "One gun..." They clearly can't keep their story straight.

Angie said...

My suggested title woulda been "Guns, Drugs and Thugs"