Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Exquisite Extra: Inglourious Basterds

Check out this hilarious lady on set of Inglourious Basterds (2009), and her original way of marking the scenes with the clapboard. Scenes are labeled with letters (for organization of the reels? I have no clue) and this chick finds a new way to announce the letter coding each time.

Watch some of the actors' reactions as she gets creative.


minireporter said...

I love all your pictures.
There are so funny!! How did you do these assemblies?
Your blog is very interesting and funny!!

minireporter said...

Even your message when we let a comment is so funny!!
Great job!

Sonsey said...

Just FYI... scenes are labelled with letters to keep the angles organized... for example 28A is a wide shot, 28B would be a medium two shot, 28c would be a close-up of one actor, 28d another and so on...

See you learned something new today! :) Now if only all slate people were that expressive! LOL

Angie said...

minireporter - thanks darling! just cut and paste! :)

Sonsey - thanks for the info! I heard the clapboard is basically used for nostalgic purposes these days, as technology has made it unnecessary. Any truth to that?

KeLLy aNN said...

O!MG! You chicks ROCK!
I wish I was your neighbor. "}

Angie said...

KeLLy aNN - BFFs!!! yeaaahh! Let's do it! There's a rental available beside us. I'm submitting an application for you. Start packin'!

Sonsey said...

Hey Chantangie! (Hey, we have Bennifer, and Brangelina...)

The good old slate clapper is still used on most film shoots! While they have devices that mark the timecode , sometimes they can't be seen clearly on the screen and sometimes they just don't work (and sometimes people use them wrong...gasp!). A good solid slate clap is still the best thing to sync sound to picture! (Believe me... I've done it many, many, times...)

So are you ladies going to come out to "Army of Darkness" tomorrow? C'mon... It's BRUUUCE!