Friday, April 16, 2010

Shrek Forever After Poster!

Here's one version of the poster for Shrek Forever After! It's Shrek and his posse VS Rumpelstilsken and his bitches witches.

Great tagline. Haha Ogre... get it? Gawd these promotional people are funny.

I woulda put:

Somewhere ogre the rainbow!


Ogre his dead body!

I. AM. HILARIOUS. It's official. That reminds me, vote on TAGLINES: Take Two! over there on the right, see the results and inductee (is that word?) into the Tagline Hall of Fame on Monday, and get ready for your new assignment!

1 comment:

MovieDrew said...

Or perhaps a little truth in advertising: "Hear the same jokes ogre and ogre again!"