Monday, April 12, 2010

Striking Similarity: Do the Hustle (in a musical broadway-style medley)!

This is so obscure and random and really, truly demonstrates our level of sickness when it comes to movie obsession. But we're not ashamed. We're owning it, so here goes...

Today we're comparing Death Becomes Her and Sister Act 2. Here's what we found:

* Both were released in 1992
* Both comedies
* Both have Opulent Openings which involve big broadway-style performances
* Both performances involve a medley of songs
* Both medley's used the disco hit 'The Hustle' in the medley

Now, you're either thinking one of two things...

1. You both need to go get your freaking heads checked, then afterwards go get lives
2. You two are amazingly awesome and truly live up to your Cin-Ob Supreme titles!

We're hoping it's the latter.

Behold, the Opulent Opening/Medley bustin'/Hustlin' from Sister Act 2:

Now watch Meryl Streep throw in 'The Hustle' into her lovely little self-obsessed performance:

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Is it wrong that I actually enjoyed the Sister Act movies? I'm not a huge Whoopi fan, but I have a deep love for the Sister Acts, the Step Ups, the Stomp the Yards and the You Got Serveds....