Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Adrien Brody Stuff!

Oh Adrien Brody... you're so intense with your half-face gaze, all splattered in blood and dirt, and totally under the laser pointer targeting mechanism of a badass mother.

I give you another promotional poster for the new film, Predators.

Although I jest, I loved the other Predator films, and I think this movie might scare me... like... A LOT.

Fear is reborn. Yeah. In the form of a load of shit in my pants.


Also just released is a new poster for Adrien's other new film, Splice, the sci-fi thriller coming soon. Creeeeeepy!

I'm not quite sure about the reasoning behind this, but the promo people behind Splice are also releasing extended clips of scenes from the film. This is either a great idea to entice people, or a bad idea in case the film sucks. Make up your own mind. Hit the jump to watch some clips!


Melanie's Randomness said...

It's funny about Brody. He'll do alot of movies, fall off the face of the earth, then do alot of movies again. I wanna see both of these!!

CMrok93 said...

Splice looks OK, but Predators, looks like its going to try too hard to be a cool action flick.