Thursday, May 6, 2010

Scintillating Scene: Titanic

The most epic-y epic-est of EPIC scenes of EPIC movies that ever was. Huh?

I dunno, but all I can say is this: Everyone knows this scene. I mean EVERYONE. The Pope knows this scene. Nelson Mandela's seen it. The pygmies in Uganda who have never seen a television KNOW this scene.

I used to fantasize about Leo's arms around me, linking his fingies with mine. My fantasies never ended with massive tragedy and ice cold waters. They did however make it as far as the car scene though... Mom - You didn't read that.


Christina In Wonderland said...

I love how she said she'd never let go, but she did, actually let go. he might not have been dead. He could have been waiting to say "Psyche!"

Unless it was a metaphorical letting go. Like he'd always be in her heart or some shit.

Damn this movie. It makes my spleen 'splode.


I'm going to sit my wife down and make her watch this movie for the first time this weekend.... It's my mother's day present to her....