Thursday, May 13, 2010

A-Team is Coming! And They Have no Plan B!

We posted a few times about the A-Team movie long ago, and the clip was promptly removed from the net. Psshhh whatever. There's no stopping us.

Above is the promotional poster, complete with the whole team in standard tough guy stance. Arrghhh testosterone! GUNS! CIGARS! DOG TAGS! EXPLOSIONS!!! Ahem... sorry, I seem to have forgotten myself and gotten wrapped up in the masculinity.

The trailer has now been released, and I guess we're allowed to watch it now.

This looks like cheesetastic 80s action rolled into a scrumptious full length film.




Yeah,I posted the trailer awhile back on another blog ,and a week later it was gone.
You Tube is kissing butt .
Law suits going around.

Angie said...

I can't believe the studios have a problem with getting their trailers seen for free! It's promotion! I'll never wrap my head around it.


Yep, I know .
From music videos to trailers .
Spreading the word only helps them,
but the studios ,and record companies don't get it, or maybe they know they maybe selling something that isn't going to work.
There is a backlash about the remakes.

The Mike said...

I can not wait for this movie. About 80% of the things I learned as a child came from The A-Team. (The rest came from Mr. T's animated series.)