Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gulliver's Travels Poster!

YYAAAYYY!!! I was so super razamajazzed when I heard about this upcoming Jack Black film. I initially had to make my own homemade poster, but no more! Check it out!

Can't wait for this one! And when we first reported on this we didn't know much of anything. But now we gots tha deets, yo!

Emily Blunt as Princess of Lilliput
Jason Segel as Horatio
Catherine Tate as Queen of Lilliput
Billy Connolly as King of Lilliput

Chantale, just breathe! It's ok! Stop hyperventilating! I know you're excited to see Jason Segel is in this movie. Keep your cool. I'm sure he'll accept your marriage proposal any day now. *shifty eyes* No really, he'd be crazy NOT to marry you.

And guess what? Segel has said that he spends most of the film in Gulliver's shirt pocket. He's a mini-sidekick! Awwwwww!!! I'd let him ride in my pocket too. Wait, that sounds dirty. Actually, yeah that's how I meant it.

The only thing that makes me go "ahhh nooo!" about this movie is the fact that digital 3D is being added, after the fact. 3D as an afterthought is never a good idea, and only tends to underwhelm audiences. *sigh* We'll see it anyway.

Gulliver's Travels comes to theatres December 22nd!

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Jamie Gibbs said...

This is pretty awesome :D Jack Black is badass in almost everything he does (I do not include the Never Ending Story 3 in this, hehe). It'd be interesting to see Tate and Connolly working together too ...