Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Controversial Second Coming

Here's one to get the religious peeps angry. Mark Ruffalo will star in a movie about a movie about religion. Follow? So, Mark's character makes a movie about the second coming of Christ. Movies featuring the J-Man usually piss people off. Hello - anyone remember how the shit hit the fan after Buddy Christ made His debut?!

Now, we're not overly sensitive, so religion is a totally safe topic with us. Here's the synops (yes, I shortened the word cause I'm a lazy mofo):

Actor John Zener becomes an even bigger media obsession after releasing a controversial film on the 2nd Coming of Christ. This obsession results in the death of his wife and daughter in a paparazzi-caused accident forcing John to question for the first time the choices he has made. Teetering between delusion and sanity, John embarks on a journey through NYC, France and Spain to free himself of everything that symbolized his former life. It is through his journey that John finds transcendence and embraces the empathy that was missing in his life. IMDB

It's original, which always scores major points in our books. And Mr. Ruffalo is a fantastic dramatic actor, so we're actually quite jazzed about this one! How does everyone else feel? Are you looking forward to this one, or is your blood boilin' already?

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Max Evel said...

Yep !
Gotta watch what you do with J.C. .