Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tempting Trailer: Legend

This weekend, we sat down to watch the insanely, over-the-top, cheesyweezy, 80s fantasy flick, Legend. It is FULL of stereotypical fantasy film elements: unicorns, goblins, minions, demons, magic, fairies, thatched roofs, babbling brooks, and so on.

This little gem is the perfect example of the 'SO BAD IT'S GOOD' genre of film. Check it out, if only to see a young Tom Cruise act horribly, or to see Tim Curry as the devil (brillz, by the way)!

Legend (1985)

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I didn't just go take my personality profile test at the Scientology Center, I don't pray to Xenu, and I don't like Cameron Diaz very much....

But does Tom Cruise appear to be very likable in Knight and Day?