Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Avengers Cast Revealed at Comic-Con!

The cast of the hyped out Avengers movie was revealed over the weekend at Comic-Con. Gawd I wish I could attend. I would probably just take one look around and pass out into a puddle of nerdiness. In a good way though.

Samuel L. Jackson (who is reprising his role of Nick Fury), announced the cast to the geekarific crowd.

We've got:

Chris Evans ... Steve Rogers / Captain America

Chris Hemsworth ... Thor

Robert Downey Jr. ... Tony Stark / Iron Man

Mark Ruffalo ... Bruce Banner / The Incredible Hulk

Scarlett Johansson ... Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

Jeremy Renner ... Clint Barton / Hawkeye

Samuel L. Jackson ... Nick Fury

Tom Hiddleston ... Loki

Now, a lot of this we already knew, but this announcement confirmed the rumor of M-Ruff as Hulk! What are your thoughts on this cast? Will you be checking it out in 2012?


Miss Blacker said...

M-Ruff, nice one. I love him very much. Dubious about the quality of this film as anything more than a super franchise but I will most likely go and see it. It will also be nice to see the Ruff not in a romantic role.

Sadako said...

Too cool! Thanks for posting this.

Tuesday Kid said...

Mark Ruffalo is a great choice for Hulk. I hope Scarlett Johansen gets a better spandex outfit than she did for Iron Man, waste of a ticket that was.

Max Evel said...

The Con has changed .
50 percent nerds, and the rest just plain folks now.
I live near it, and I wanted to go this year, but couldn't get time off.
Family,and friends said, the best thing was seeing Harrison Ford for Cowboys,and Aliens, but the topper was seeing the cast for The Avengers.
That was the big surprise.
Hopefully they have this thing down here next year, because they are talking about moving it to Orange County for good.
The Convention Center is getting to small to hold it anymore.

Nippy The Penguin said...

Overall like the cast would have still liked to have seen the characters Of Hank Pym / Ant Man and Janet Van Dyne /Wasp in the movie and I would totally cast Nathan Fillion as Ant Man and Natalie Portman for was If I had any say so.

J.Hurtat said...

I don't know about everyone else but I like Ruffalo as Bruce Banner.

Josh H

Christina In Wonderland said...

The geek in me is very disappointed by the casting for this movie.