Friday, July 23, 2010

Tron: Legacy Update!

Long ago, on a website far far away (ie right here) we reported to you the deets of Tron: Legacy, the 27-years-later sequel! Well now we've got two trailers for you to peruse and form opinions about. Are you excited for this revamp? Granted, the effects will be MUCH better than the orig, and the 3D will probably rival that of Avatar, BUT sometimes a sequel this late in the game is a mistake. We're gonna check it out. Are you?

Personally, if we were to get to live in a video game, I think we all know which one it would be.

Chanty - I get to be Mario because as the younger sibling I spent my entire childhood being Luigi. Nah nah nah nah!!!


Pat Tillett said...

I want this movie to be so good!

Dan said...

The trailer looks good. I love the way they are playing the nostalgia card for all the 80s kids who loved the original.

Friday said...

Unlike with the majority of remakes and sequels these days, I'm almost prepared to give this a chance because I love "Tron" and I love the look of the film. I'm not happy about the effects in the new one though, it doesn't make much sense to me.