Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Burlesque Trailer!

YAY! We heart musicals big time, and with a combo like Cher, Christine Aquilera, Stanley Tucci, Allan Cumming, and Kristen Bell, they can't fail! Wait, what am I saying? Of course they can fail. Critics are tough on musicals, and it's hard to top some of the great (recent) ones like Moulin Rouge and Chicago. I'm sure people will poopoo all over Xtina, but we'll reserve judgment.

Christina's looking pretty good here, although it's all very "Roxy Heart" lookin'. Especially with the big lit up sign. Oh well, we'll see it. Duh. Watch the trailer for what seems like it will be a better version of Showgirls.

Release is set for November 24th, 2010. Get your fishnets ready.