Monday, August 2, 2010

Charismatic Character: Teddy

Who says a Charismatic Character has to be human? Not us! Today's choice is Teddy, the loveable teddy bear from Aritificial Intelligence: A.I. (2001). When we first met Teddy, we nearly shit ourselves. We were genuinely psyched at the idea of a robot teddy bear!

Now, Teddy was just a little too smart for us. We already had issues leaving our plush toys alone, so if they had talked, we would have been toting them everywhere. Poor, poor Teddy. Anyone else feel bad for him? Of course we felt bad for David too, but there was something so heartbreaking about Teddy being abandoned.


Melanie's Randomness said...

That movie freaked me out badly but Teddy was adorable!! I wanted one!

Richard said...

Finally, Teddy gets the recognition he deserves. I thought he should have won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar, but remained a lone voice I fear. The mix of cute, furry toy and gruff old voice was inspired. I'm still waiting for the spin-off movie. How about it, Spielberg? Sod Tin-Tin, give us the bear!

Dhila Backstrom said...

During the movie I was waiting for Teddy to do some mass murder at the end, I was disappointed.