Monday, August 2, 2010

Sex Ed: Haley Joel Osment is Officially All Grown Up!

Haley Joel Osment has an upcoming comedy that caught my attention. We all know it's difficult for child actors to break free from the innocent image they maintain in their early acting years. So what do they do? They pick scandalous material to show the world they are adults and they know how to use their pee-pees.

Osment will play a recent college graduate hired to teach algebra. But through a series of wacky misadventures (crippling budget cuts), Osment's character ends up teaching a sex ed class. The only catch is that he's a virgin. Those who can't do, teach. Screen Junkies

Ok Joel. We're in. Let's see how your grown up self does with a plot like this. You might actually be really funny. Anyone else ready to see this once-cutie-patootie actor in an adult comedy?

We'll update you all once promo stuff comes out!


That Girl said...

I'm up for it. Its sounds like a funny idea for a comedy (kinds sounds like it will be a romantic comedy).

I've always really liked HJO!

He was the voice of Sora in the Kingdom Hearts video games!

That Girl

Jen said...

I've got to admit, he was a cute kid. But as an adult... yummy lol.