Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Natalie Portman Done Up For Darren Aronofsky's "Ballet Thriller"

Queen Amidala! No wait, J-Lo in The Cell! No, that's wrong. Memoirs of a Geisha sequel? Nope. This is N-Port in Darren Aronofsky's new "ballet thriller". DAMNIT! *Angie tears up her ballet thriller script in progress*  I thought I was being original!

*Angie quickly scribbles some notes - "Hip Hop thriller... break dance of death." Yesss...*

Anyways, it's called Black Swan, and comes out this December in the US, and it's about rival dancers, or something like that. It's like Center Stage (2000), but intense... and with good actors.

Also starring Mila "veneers helped my career" Kunis, and Winona "petty crime" Ryder.


PS: For you guys who were like "psshh I'm not seeing a ballet movie," there's this screenshot from the film that surfaced... for you dudes out there who like that sorta thing. You see? is totally titillating.


Tuesday Kid said...

I was hoping to see some spandex. I'm not disappointed though.

Anonymous said...

That was a funny post! And I can't believe that is Natalie Portman. She's always had a bit of that girl-next-door quality about her, but that face shot is absolutely stunning. - G

Angie said...

Tuesday - I'm sure the actual film is packed with tutus and spandex ;)

Georgina - I agree, she's girl next door, but with more intensity :)

JRL said...

If only this movie wasn't about ballet! Sigh. But well, two of my favourite lead ladies kissing.... i think i may just put on my black tights and head to the movies!