Monday, August 23, 2010

TAGLINES: Take Two! Winner and New Assignment!

It's a tie! Wowza, the Cin-Obs can't decide lately! Our last poll was a tie, and now you've decided that both these taglines deserve entry in the Tagline Hall of Fame!

The winners are:

Slavery! Rape! Domestic violence!
Relive the Old South in all it's glory!
Submitted by MovieDrew from Drew's Oscar Project


Chauvinism never looked so good!
Submitted by The Vegetable Assassin!
Both awesome submissions! But we still appreciate Grump's sideboob joke. Thumbs up!
Your New Assignment:
Post your oh-so creative alternative taglines for this film in the comments! All submissions will go up for voting next Monday, and the winner gets inducted into the Tagline Hall of Fame!
A real honour for any Cin-Ob.


Simon said...

What could go wrong?

Grump said...

What happens when an autistic, orphan-stabbing crossdresser fights for custody against a cold fashion executive connected with infanticide in the Australian outback? Young Billy Kramer is about to find out.

Jeff said...

If you watch this movie, Hoffman promises to have relationship trouble in all of his future movies!

Peter Eramo said...

A bitch who abandons her young boy & then later has a change of heart...but will his dad let her in?