Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Don't Go There: Clash Of The Titans 2

Rumours are a-flyin' around this here internet. A Clash Of The Titans sequel. Really? Is that really necessary? Not only did you remake a classic movie and make it mediocre, but you need to make a sequel? For real?

Grroooaaann... anyways, Sam Worthington's IMDB page confirms his involvement in the project.

For anyone who saw the 2010 version, you know about the half-assed-last-minute-3D, the dreadfully awful CGI Medusa, and Sam's sad attempt at acting like he has feelings about things. Although the film was a mildly entertaining blockbuster at best (remember, I defended it) they gotta milk this one for all it's worth.

The part that really irked me was the film just exploded into your face with some war between people and Gods, without any real explanation. Then it was just a silly quest and some monsters thrown in along the way to Perseus' acceptance that he's a half-god. I wonder what the sequel will be about. They'll probably just stick more mythological creatures into fight sequences, and spruce up the 3D a little, with total disregard for a plot-line or romance/relationship that makes you feel anything.

So in the next 2 years or so, expect all your favourite Gods and Demi-Gods back in the sequel. What did you think of this movie? How do you feel about a sequel?


Jonathan said...

I liked the original a lot more than the sequel. In the original, the relationship between Perseus and Andromeda is terribly important. In the remake, I don't even think they look at each other in a romantic way.

A sequel really? I don't understand where they'll go with it. It's a classic mythological story, there are no sequels to those!

KeLLy aNN said...


Emily said...

How on earth can this even have a sequel? It's a greek myth!!!

Chris Regan said...

I will only watch this if Perseus travels through time to present-day New York where he has adventures and gets confused by computers and twitter and stuff. That would be awesome.