Monday, September 20, 2010

Paul Bettany stars in Priest... and suddenly I like him more than a friend...

Paul Bettany's new sci-fi religious vigilante vampire action flick (not something I thought I'd ever say) entitled Priest, is coming soon, and the trailer has been released! That poster says 2010 but the internet says May 2011 for the United States release.

God, Vamps are so hot right now, even Mr. British Period Film Take Me Seriously is jumpin' on the bandwagon. He looks intense, and I pretty much love him in anything he does, so this is ok with me. Plus, these vamps look like scary mofos, which I know will satisfy some movie-goers who are sick of the sexy ones.

The sci-fi looks like it will satisfy the nerd in me, and also Paul is super sexy. Is that weird? Any ladies agree with me? If not, watch this trailer and check out his smokin' hot body under that monk robe and tell me he doesn't make you tingle.

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Heather said...

I've had a thing for him for awhile but I couldn't quite place my affection. He's one of those guys where there's just something sexy about him. I feel the same way about Jude Law.

And this looks pretty damn good. I'm down for Sci-Fi and Non kissy faced vamps.