Monday, September 13, 2010

TAGLINES: Take Two! Winner and New Assignment!

And the winning alternative tagline for Kramer vs Kramer (1979) is:

What happens when an autistic, orphan-stabbing crossdresser fights for custody against a cold fashion executive connected with infanticide in the Australian outback? Young Billy Kramer is about to find out.

Submitted by GRUMP from THE GRUMPY OLD MAN!

Good one, Grump! You've now been inducted into the Tagline Hall of Fame!


And your new assigment is....

Give us your original, creative alternate taglines for this comedy to get yourself

Submissions all week, and voting next week!


Celtaur said...

I loved Kramer vs. Kramer. Missed that poll. Ok so Dumb and Dumber tagline...

Dumber than Dumb. For Everyday Dummies who Love Ears and Hair.

JRL said...

They would be set for life...if only they were as bright as their suits