Monday, September 13, 2010

Trespass... Starring Nic Cage and His Ego

There are plenty of Nicolas Cage haters out there. We know some of you personally. But we love Nic. We've enjoyed all his films. We think he's charming. So there.

Cage has a flick comin' that looks promising (at least to us):

Trespass is a 2011 American thriller film directed by Joel Schumacher. It will star Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman as a married couple taken hostage by extortionists. Wikipedia

Not the most original premise, but we're sure it'll be a decent thriller. Nicole Kidman is thimply thuper in our books too, so we're positive we'll enjoy it.

The most interesting thing I read while researching this movie was about a little change of heart Cage underwent shortly before shooting began. Nic and Nic.. hehe.. play husband and wife with Cam Gigandet as the baddie who is holding them hostage. So, Cage up and decides that he wants to play the bad guy less than a month before filming starts. Wha?! Who does that? Nic, check your ego and play the part you signed on for. Production was halted when suddenly Nic decides that he's cool with playing the husband again. Yikes.

Look for Cage as 'not the bad guy' in 2011.

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