Thursday, October 7, 2010

Catfish: The Unbelievably Believable True Story!

We've been talking about Catfish (2010) for weeks. We've mulled over possible plot points, its credibility, its impossibly hard to live up to comparisons to Hitchcock's work. We had no idea what we were about to watch, which made it that much more exciting.

Within the first few minutes we were sold on the fact that it is indeed a true story. We believe it firmly now. Fo sheez. Anyhoo, they had our attention right away with a story that wasn't even featured in the trailers. We initially expected to watch a story about online dating, but we realized quickly that the story was much bigger than that.

Nev (pronounced Neev) is a photographer in NYC who forms an unlikely long-distance relationship with an 8 year old artist named Abby. Abby paints one of Nev's published photographs and over time, Nev begins sending Abby more photos for her to paint. It is Abby's older half-sister Megan that begins the romantic relationship with Nev after the bond between Abby and her family has been established. The romance between Megan and Nev intensifies. Nev (along with the crew) travel many miles to meet her in person but things don't exactly turn out like Nev had hoped.

Now I really can't say much more. After watching the trailers you will definitely draw some of your own conclusions about the general direction of the film and you will be partially right. But you really can't quite predict what happens. It's intense. And like we said, we firmly believe it is REAL. If it wasn't, the actors deserve Oscars, because no independent film actors have ever been this good.

We won't urge you to run to theaters to see this one, but we do urge you to watch it. Period. You won't be sorry.

P.S. For the love of all things holy, do NOT go to Wikipedia to read up on Catfish. Those effers will ruin the whole damn thing for you.

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Dan O. said...

The film begs lots of questions about how, and when, it became clear any of this was worth documenting, but it certainly was. I still don't know whether this was real or not, but despite that all, I was still interested while watching this. Good review, check out mine when you can!