Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Halle wants an Oscar for Frankie and Alice (well that's my guess anyway)

Halle Berry plays a woman with multiple personalities, one of which is racist, in Frankie and Alice. Ohhh I smell an Oscar plea! Black (sorta) woman with a deep-South racist alter ego?

Oh and did I mention based on a true story? Booyeah, prepare your speech, Halle.

I must say this trailer inspired me to start writing my dramatic scripts.

My ideas are:

1) A scientist who studies spiders but is arachnophobic
2) A pilot with a fear of heights
3) A neo-Nazi who learns he is Jewish (this one will win best picture I think)


Movie Guy said...

Can hardly wait to see this one! Great reviews you have here...I'm definitely a follower blog. Please stop by my site and follow my movie reviews as well...thanks!

Christina In Wonderland said...

Hm. Sounds interesting at least. But only if Halle can really pull it off.

Lisa said...

God, I wish I had legs like that.