Monday, January 10, 2011

Channing Tatum Filming "Ten Year"

A group of friends in a high school reunite again, with their unbelievable revelation story since they separated and find their life in different cities. George, Jonathan and Luke are best friends and promise to remain in contact even though they are far away from each other. Three years later, in summer, George decides to have a homecoming party just for their close friends from their high school days; the other two also agree. They called all their friends such Luke, Jill, Nate, Brooke and Matthew. Wikipedia

First of all - WHO WROTE THIS?!! I read it 3 times, and it sounds worse and worse each time I read it. Worst descripsh ever. Anyhoo. We get the jist.

Channing Tatum is a busy, busy man these days. After G.I. Joe this man exploded! I have to say, I am a fan. I do love a good d-bag with a 6 pack. Seriously, he's a serious piece of eye candy. And I'm off track again... Will this flick be any good? Should Channing stick to rock 'em sock 'em action flicks? Or should he continue bustin' those hardcore street dancer moves? *cough - d-bag - cough*
I'll need a trailer before I make my final decision.

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