Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ewan McGregor's (aka my husband's) New Disaster Flick:The Impossible

So during my bi-monthly stalk-a-thon of Ewan McGregor, I noticed that my favie romantic leading man is taking on a new type of flick. THE DISTASTER GENRE! Ooooh! You all know how we love the end of the world, so this oughta be good. Ok it's not exactly the end of the world, but it's the first theatrical big budget adaptation of the 2004 tsunami.

An account of a family caught, with tens of thousands of strangers, in the mayhem of one of the worst natural catastrophes of our time. [IMDB]

It also stars Naomi Watts, I'm assuming as the wifey. Great, now I have to hate her too. I'm getting exhausted with my jealous hatred of Ewan's leading ladies. Anyways, The Impossible comes out in 2011, and although I get to stare at my fantasy-hubby, probably all wet and sexy and dirty and hero-ish, I might have a hard time with it since I have monthly nightmares about tsunamis and tidal waves. Weird, I know. But what's weirder is that I always survive in my dream, by plugging my nose. It's as easy as that.

How do you feel about this story being made into (another) film? Will you see it? Is it too soon for this movie? Like when it was waaayy too soon for United 93 or World Trade Centre? Is it in bad taste?

Ewan, will you marry me?


The Masked Critic said...

Not a fan of the Poster.

Not at all.

KeLLy aNN said...

Emotionally, I don't know if I could watch it.
The tsunami really threw a dark and sad loop into my mental status.
I still don't understand how more people didn't realize that the receding water was a sign. But I digress.
Big fan of Ewan, can't say if it's in bad taste yet. Not the making. We'll have to see about the script