Monday, January 31, 2011

Movie Mistake: Rat Race

I quite enjoyed Rat Race (2001). Not a bad comedy, a few chuckles and LOVED Kathy Bates as the crazy squirrel lady.

enterfilm1 compiled a bunch of mistakes from this flick. Good eye enterfilm1. Good eye. So kick back, relax, and begin the inevitable rumblings about how the filmmakers didn't catch some of the boo-boos.


KeLLy aNN said...

We love this movie.
my 9 year old has loved it since he was, like, a year old.

Dan said...

Not a fan of this one but the commentary track on the DVD was very funny. I think it's the directors who call the actors on their mobile phones because they get bored during the recording sessions - it's funny listening to these get caught unawares.

JRL said...

There are perfectly reasonable explanations for all of these mistakes:

1) Blaine screamed out his piercing because he was so scared.
2) Mr Bean lost his seat after getting up to use the washroom
3) Mr Grisham can't be expected to drive with a cow on his lap. He's being responsible and sitting in the passenger seat instead.
4)How can a woman be expected to keep the same hairstyle for that long. She is just keeping it fresh
5) It's a UK helicopter
6) The plane windows only appear round, optical illusion created by the thin air.
7) The hook in the head of the skeleton was actually how he died
8) The book she picked up.. she got bored of listening to David (i mean who doesn't)
9) Hitlers car had an feature to re-grow the flags, so that his Nazi-ness would never be unnoticed.

As for the truck dents... well that's just poor film making.

Anonymous said...

The one thing i noticed was that Tracey was not spelt the same way in each of the clips.