Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Hit List: Cuba Gooding Jr. Goes Badasss!

We're used to seeing Cuba Gooding Jr. in fairly light roles. Don't you wish you could watch him play a total psycho/serial killer? So do we. Here it is:

Allan Campbell (Cole Hauser), a man who has had a very bad day, goes to a bar to drown his sorrows. He drunkenly befriends a mysterious man who calls himself Jonas (Cuba Gooding Jr.), revealing to him a list of five people he wishes were dead.

But as the bodies start piling up, and with a detective (Jonathon LaPaglia) hot on his trail, Allan, no longer believing the events to be a practical joke, must set out to end the murders before its too late. Wikipedia

Oooooweeee! We have a thing for serial killers. Not in real life, in pretend-world where it's ok to sympathize with the Dexter-types. It don't sound like Cuba will be killing for the good of the world, but regardless, we're excited to see him in this role.


The Masked Critic said...

Looks like a very cool take on the hitman genre.

Good find.

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