Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Apollo 18 - New Moon Movie Confirms That I Do Not Want To Be An Astronaut

Oh me oh my, this one looks goooood!

We really loved Moon (2009) so we're totally up for another lunar escapade. This one, instead of being futuristic, takes place long ago during the Apollo missions. The tagline tells us there's a reason we didn't go back to the moon, and states that the movie will show you why, with recently discovered footage from the mysterious Apollo 18 mission that NASA cancelled, and that conspiracy theorists (I love them) claim went on as planned.

Another thing y'all know we love is the first-person perspective style, and this one seems to capture the action from the perspective of the astronauts themselves, with their handheld cameras and cams inside the lunar lander. It's advertised as "found footage." Ooooh like Blair Witch, or Cloverfield. But question - how do you find footage of a disaster that happened on the moon? Irrelevant.

There seems to be something lurking on the moon and messing with them, and I don't quite know how I feel about that. The general public is beyond the hokey 60s 'moon men' mentality, and we all know the moon is dead, with nothing currently living there. So where will they go with this? Will there be some scary-ass alien who is visiting? Who beat us there and is pissed that mankind has also landed? Then had the balls to plant a flag and go "MINE!"

Either way it seems like it'll be a great psychological thriller, and I'm sure we'll squirm many times with claustrophobia. Good fun. For some reason the actors aren't listed anywhere, which could be because nobody knows them, or it could be part of the marketing of the film, pimping these guys out as real astronauts. Regardless, not knowing them works to the movie's benefit, as most people can't name more than two real astronauts.
Trailer! What do you think?


The Vegetable Assassin said...

My first instinct is, THIS LOOKS AWESOME!

I just hope it lives up to its excellent idea and isn't just a crappy slasher movie on the Moon.

Seriously though, I'm kind of excited! I loved "Moon" as well and also "Sunshine" (talking of space movies!) Thanks for posting this, lady-dudes.

Angie said...

Our pleasure, Veg! We're excited too, and you're right - if it's just aliens slashing astronauts, not so great. We're looking forward to a psychological scare!

YoungUrbanAmateur said...

Aw man... looks like they're going with "there's life on the moon." I hope it's more psychological thriller-y and less horror-y than it looks in the trailer. I also hope it's period-accurate. If they start using modern slang, I'll lose my shit.

Chuck said...

Oh yeah...I'm ready for this one now!